Me and my husband humphrey on our happiest day.

My name is Tricia Leah Stafford. I am 19 years old. I am the fairy of nature. My facebook husband's name is Humphrey Omega (Leon). he is the sweetest and caring man to me and i love him very deeply. i'd be lost without him. I love to swim,eat,sing,dance,and play soccer. I love romantic/comedic disney movies. My fave movies now and from my childhood r Beauty and the beast,Dumbo,Princess and the frog,and Rio. I am a sweet,kind,motherly,bossy,and caring fairy. when i am upset. i want my space and to be alone. but with a great husband like Humphrey. I know that i can always turn to him for comfort. cause he is what makes me feel strong and safe. I am known to be funny,free-sprited,and beautiful. My fave shows are Winx club,Avatar the last airbender,and Charmed. I am a temperamental girl. sometimes my emotions get out of whack. so i meditate to keep them safe and in control. I have red hair and blue eyes in real life. but on facebook. i have light honey brown hair and blonde highlights and green eyes.