Dope Wars is a Facebook application not designed and updated by Facebook, but by another programming company. The game takes place in the real world in which players are the leaders of a drug-selling business. The goal of the game is to become the largest, most powerful, and most wealthy business in the game. Dope Wars maintains a rating of 4.2, high for a popular game.

Dope DealingEdit

The basic way to make money is by buying and selling dope. Players can go to any part of the city that has a green label and deal dope there.


Players can only buy so much dope at one time. The amount of bags able to be bought is affected by the maximum storage a player can have. Players can store several hundred bags at first. Players can eventually upgrade this to storing 16,000 bags of dope. This is the end for buying upgrades; if a player wants to store more dope, he or she must have more crew or get a worker. Each crewmember adds 400 bags of storage permanently, while the worker adds 1,000 bags for 1 day.


Players can buy and sell dope. As mentioned before, players can go to any part of the city that has a green label and deal dope in that section. Some cities have only one part of it to sell dope in, while others have five or more. Players usually deal regular dope.

Regular dope consists of:

  • Weed
  • Shrooms
  • Coke
  • E
  • Speedballs
  • Super Ice

Players can buy the dope and then sell it at a higher price at a later time. When buying, the price of dope usually goes up. Multiple players buying and selling in one area can cause prices to rise higher so you can sell, and can also cause prices to drop so you can buy them cheap. The minimum price for dope is $10.00.


Dope Wars allows users to grow and sell their own dope. They must do it in their own lab. Dope takes 24 hours to grow, but can be quickened to speeds of 1 hour to grow. To grow dope, players must buy raw material, which costs $1.00 per unit. Once they have the raw material, they can choose what dope to grow. Some dope types take more raw material than others. Once they choose and confirm, they wait.

Once the dope has been grown, players move it to their inventory and sell them in the city. Players sometimes have a hard time finding where they can sell grown dope. To sell grown dope, you must click the 'local dope' link just above the weed in the city. This will allow you to sell your dope for profit. Buying local dope does not increase its' price, unlike regular dope.


In Dope Wars, players can engage each other in fighting. Fighting takes place in Las Vegas. Players fight to earn money from each other.


To be an effective fighter, players buy weapons at the store. The amount of weapons able to be bought seems infinite. Unlike other games, where each person in a player's crew can use only one item of a category, players are able to use all items at the same time. While this seems unrealistic, this does add a new twist to the game.

Fight ClubEdit

Players can join the fight club in Las Vegas. Players who join the fight club can attack anyone within their net worth. The downside is that anyone can attack you at any time. When attacking, all items of the player are put into use. The more items a player has, the higher the chance they have of beating their opponent. Players can win or lose up to their cash on hand. Having more cash out increases the loss or win of a fight.

There is no limit to how much players can be fought at one time, nor is there a health bar.


Occasionally, the Police or DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) will come and try to ambush players. Having a higher amount of weapons will increase the chance of surviving the attack. The occurrence of these attacks seem random, but in a very stratified fashion. The chance of attacks can be lowered by buying a judge for $20,000,000 or donating to the city for a much higher amount.


Not all places in Dope Wars are accessible. Most places require a special item, whether it is a train ticket, private jet, or motorboat. The train ticket requires 1 crew, the Motorboat needs 2 crew to drive it, while the Private Jet requires 4 crew to fly it. Without any of these three items, Las Vegas and New York are the only accessible places.

International StoreEdit

The international store is a special store which, unlike most of Dope Wars, requires Gold Bars to buy items. These Gold Bars are obtained every level in increments of 10. International Store items give different bonuses rather than the normal store. Items in here give strategy bonuses in fighting. The International Store is not part of reward points plan.


Every player can be hired every 24 hours. When hired, the player who hired the other players gains extra storage. The working player receives his or her pay.