Dragon Wars was a Facebook application designed by Zynga. Dragon Wars has been discontinued by Zynga. The game follows the typical Mafia Wars format of games. This application is set in a medieval/fantasy time frame. The game allows players to go on quests, fight other players, and gain experience to level up amongst the community.


Dragon Wars is a timer-based browser game set in the medieval ages. Players have three rechargeable stats: Health, Energy, and Stamina. Each stat can be upgraded every time a player levels up, and are used while playing the game. Health and Stamina are used to battle other players, while energy is used to accomplish quests. The stats recharge in a certain amount of time, taking around 4 minutes to recharge one point.


Players can recruit each other to be in their Alliance. The amount of players in anyone's alliance can be infinite, although most players prefer to have theirs at or above 501. 501 is the maximum amount of players anyone is able to use in a fight. More alliance members also gives more benefits, some which will be explained later. Alliance members can be invited to join each others' alliance.


Quests are one of the parts of Dragon Wars. Each quest requires some energy, some requiring as low as 1, while others in the high level quests require well into the 40's.

All quests give the player experience, money, and job mastery. Experience counts towards leveling up, and money is always good. Job mastery is also gained in jobs. Job mastery is a scale in which how effective a player is at doing a job. When a player has done a job enough times, he or she is considered to have mastered that job and gains an extra skill skill point to spend on their stats.

Occasionally a player is rewarded a loot item. Loot items are only given out in specific jobs, ones labeled rumored to drop magical item.


Players can fight each other. Players can either fight each other directly or take out people on the hitlist. Each time a player attempts an attack, they use 1 stamina. Fighting also takes a number of hitpoints. In all attack modes, players cannot attack when below 20 hitpoints or when they have no stamina.

When fighting directly, players are given a list of other players to fight in. These players are within the level range of the fighting player, although any person can attack another. The hitpoints level of these players cannot be lowered once below 20. The items of the players are put into effect. Items with higher attack and defense are used; the more high attack/defense items a player has, the better chance they have of winning the fight of their opponent. The two skills, attack and defense, are the largest factors in determining a winner. Players can attack and defend with up to 501 Alliance Members, each one using one weapon, one armor, and one vehicle. The level of each alliance member is not used when calculating the strength of a player's attack.

After the winner and loser is determined, the system gives out a random damage number. This can vary from 0 to 29, and takes out the indicated amount from the hitpoints stat. Winners get money from the losing player's account (a maximum of $65,000 from each attack) but the losing side can lose up to $100,000. In addition, players can find loot. The cash lost is calculated by about 10% of the loser's cash on hand or up to $100,000, whichever is less.

The feature of the hitlist is very similar to regular fighting, although players can lower another one's to 0 hitpoints. In addition, a reward is given to the player who put the deathblow to a player.

If a player dies in a war, he/she does not lose any items except hitpoints and 6 experience.


Property is used to generate money. The more property one player has, the more money generated per hour someone has. Property should be bought in bundles of 10, as their value goes up with each purchase.


Players can buy items at the store. Each player can buy weapons, armor, or dragons. In addition, loot items gained can be increased in power to increase their potency in fights.