Emoticons or smilies are supported in Facebook Chat. There are a total of 26 emoticons. Because there is no official list of emoticons, many are not commonly used, and are secret. Although, people have used methods involving hacking and messing with source code to discover all the available emoticons. Kuzey türk devletin

List of emoticonsEdit

Below is a list of all Facebook Chat emoticons.

Emoticon Name Text sequence(s) Notes
Chat42 42 :42: 42 is no longer available
ChatAngel Angel O:)
ChatChrisPutnam Chris Putnam :putnam:
ChatConfused Confused o.O
ChatCry Cry :'(
ChatCurlyLips Curly Lips :3
ChatDevil Devil 3:)
ChatFrown Frown :(


ChatGasp Gasp :-O
ChatGlasses Glasses 8-)
ChatGrin Grin :-D


ChatGrumpy Grumpy >:(
ChatHeart Heart <3
ChatKiki Kiki ^_^
ChatKiss Kiss :-*
ChatPacman Pacman :v
ChatPenguin Penguin <(")
ChatRobot Robot :|]
ChatShark Shark (^^^)
ChatSmile Smile <tt>:-)


ChatSquint Squint -_-
ChatSunglasses Sunglasses B|

ChatTongue Tongue :-P


ChatUnsure Unsure :/
ChatUpset Upset >:O
ChatWink Wink ;-)

Emoticon AppEdit

The Facebook emoticons feature is such a popular tool that developers have created an emoticons applications that can be downloaded on your mobile smartphones and tablets. This way you can stay connected to your friends even if you are not logged into facebook. Many people would ask, why not just text your friend or call them instead of downloading a chat app? Well, in short, many individuals have a text or calling plan that places a cap on the amount of text messages that can be sent/received per month as well as the number of incoming/outgoing calls. Since Facebook emoticons are free it is gaining ground as a preferred alternative. All that you would need to do is go to the Android or Itunes app store and download the application. Again it is a free download and it is free to use. You would simply enter your Facebook log-in information so that the app can export your friends and friend lists from your Facebook emoticons account.