The events application allows users to create an event. Generally, event pages are used to advertise a real-world or online event. Users can state if they will attend a certain event by submitting an RSVP events, making events very useful when trying to work out how many people would be coming to that event. Events can be created in the name of a single user or a group.

Privacy Settings Edit

There are three different types of privacy settings for events.

Open Event Edit

An open event can be viewed by anyone through searching or through a link on their news feed. Anyone can RSVP to an open event. This option is normally only used for public events.

Closed Event Edit

A closed event can be discovered by anyone through searching or a link on their news feed, however they cannot see the event information unless they are invited to the event via an invitation from the creator of the event or by requesting an invitation on the event page for the event creator to accept or ignore.

Secret Events Edit

A secret event cannot be found through searching and will not show up on the news feed. People can only see the event if they are invited by the creator of the event.