&nbsp Facebook connect is a new feature on Facebook that started on December 4, 2008, that enable users to sign up to websites by just clicking on one button, instead of going through the repetitive procedure of becoming members of sites. Many people are members of sites that they want to try or forgot the password. The solution is to have facebook connect. Facebook connect uses the information such as your e-mail, sex, date of birth, and the like that is used for registering for websites that is already on your Facebook profile, making the membership like installing an Facebook application. Facebook connect also includes friend information and updates to your news feed when you are using the site.

Facebook connect now is used in many websites such as YouTube, Digg, Stumbleupon, and many other sites on the web.

But there is some privacy issues with Facebook connect. Sometimes the information on your Facebook profile could been used for spying, research, or identity theft because of a universal profile a person can easily access. Other sites that started going with the trend included Twitter and somewhat MySpace.