Facebook is a shitty network created by the FBI to track your data. Facebook is also an adult version of Instagram.

Facebook is the modern day synonym of social network. While there are other SocNets in existance, FB dominates the market even with severe allegations of privacy violation and data mishandling against it.

This popular social engine was started by the current CEO himself, Mark Zuckerberg (aka finkd, aka Zuck), as a college student sitting in his pajamas/hoodie in a Stanford dorm room. This entire origin story is dealt with in much contreversial detail in the book and movie titled "The Social Network".

As of today, facebook is nearing 2.5 Billion users and data seems to suggest that in the next 30 years, nearly half the planet will be actively on facebook, connected 24x7. Enhancing connectivity and enforcing obligation to remain in a state of friendship with your peers and associates, facebook makes the lives of people both easier and harder at the same time. Filling our mind with tasks

As a company, it has made various business acquisitions including Oculus VR, Whatsapp and some other notable companies all across the world.

Borrowing from competitors, FB has many features such as Like lists, Personal Timeline optionally visible to the public, Notes, Groups, Messenger and Stories.

The most contraversial feature arises from connecting you with your friends, the "People you may know" feature allows you to connect with the people you've met. This is done by suggestions off of Friends of Friends and most scarily, user location data.

For example,you can be suggested to friend your building caretaker just because you are both in the same geolocation frequently.

Facebook Edit

It started in the early 2000s and is projected to die out in the late 2050s when the userbase realizes that they're getting seriously old and social networking was not how they should have wasted their time online. The company when it incorporated set out tasked with one mission alone, to enslave mankind and salvage the remains. While Zuck is accused of being an extraterestrial Lizard person, the evidence all points the other way. It's an incredible journey to part of in this century as we witness the rise and eventual fall of Zuckerberg's legacy.

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Here at wikia, we wish to preserve a critical, yet objective, overview of this historic social network that garners such massive popularity. Without much pandering to bias, we may be able to critically disect the cogs of social network engineering in such a manner than the averge ordinary everyman is able to follow.