MindJolt Games is a collection of Facebook Applications composed into a single Facebook site. Games available on MindJolt Games are developed by other game developers, with MindJolt Games adding the games. (Usually a stripped-down version) Most, if not, all games are point-keeping games. These points are recorded on Facebook as a highscore and can be viewed from around the world. MindJolt Games has a 4.5 out of 5 stars review, indicating that it is a very popular site for casual and serious gamers.

These collection of games are commonly targeted by hackers.

Notable GamesEdit

This is a list of popular games featured on MindJolt and a description of them.

Armored AshuaEdit

This is a horizontal side scrolling shooting game, with a variety of weapons with their own special characteristics. You can use coins to help out in-game. Everytime your play, you earn coins. If you decide not to use coins, you will stack up coins which will allow you to unlock several Extras in the Game Shop.

Guitar GeekEdit

As the note markers hit the bar at the bottom of the fret board, press the corresponding key (A, S, D or F) in time with the track. The more accurate you are, the more points you'll score. If you keep hitting the notes accurately, you'll build up your combo which will multiply the points awarded even further. Keep the performance bar to the right of the fret board out of the red, to clear the level and progress through the game.

Cube FieldEdit

Cube field gameplay

Gameplay of Cube Field.

Cube Field is a basic Flash Player game. The game is centered on a spacecraft, which must dodge cubes that the spacecraft is going through. There is no way to slow the spacecraft. Players can only dodge cubes. As the game progresses, the speed of the spacecraft increases and the color of the game changes. The game can be paused if players wish to take a break. Score is kept track of how long the player avoids the cubes. Despite being very simple, it remains a fun and popular game of MindJolt.

Downhill SnowboardingEdit

That game is Great play it

Galactic DodgeballEdit

The goal of the game in Galactic Dodgeball is to control Earth to avoid flying asteroids. Using the mouse, players can control the Earth. Asteroids can be destroyed by keeping them within Earth's gravitational force for several seconds. The game ends when Earth is hit three times. There is a population meter on the top of the screen. Starting at 6,000,000,000 (6 billion) this goes up as time passes. Getting hit by asteroids lowers the population drastically.

Ragdoll Laser DodgeEdit

Ragdoll Laser Dodge is a game where, as the title says, you guide a Ragdoll through a field of incoming lasers. The lasers come from all four sides of the screen. The score is obtained for how long the player can survive. Players aim to collect powerups to increase their score. If the Ragdoll gets hit in some parts such as the arms or legs, the ragdoll will still survive. If hit on the head or chest however, he will die, ending the game. The game can be played with a mouse or keyboard.

There are three distinct powerups. All powerups come from the top of the screen, regardless of where the lasers are coming from.

  • Score multiplier-multiplies score gained over time by 2.
  • Shield-creates a temporary shield on the ragdoll, allowing lasers to pass through it without hitting the ragdoll.
  • Time slower-slows down time for about half a minute.

It is recommended to collect powerups where they are not surrounded by lasers except for the shield. Shields should be used to collect score multipliers primarily, the other two powerups should also be collected. Shield users should be in empty places before their shield runs out.


Snake is a game where the player controls a snake to eat food, growing longer. The game ends if the snake hits itself or the walls. The arrow keys are used to control the snake. Red squares are food. As the snake eats food, he grows longer.

Warzone Tower DefenseEdit

Warzone Tower Defense is a strategy game based on building towers to defend a base from being destroyed. There are two main types of units that attack. These are ground units (tanks) and air units (airplanes.) There are also 10 different towers to choose from, each dealing a different amount of damage to units of different types. Players may also build walls and drop nukes, EMP's, and bombs directly on their enemies. The main strategy used in Warzone Tower Defense is making a maze. As towers cannot be destroyed by enemy fire, most players seek to create a maze to the base. Players, however, are unable to block the path to the base, so they rely heavily on mazes. Another tactic used in conjunction with the maze is creating two mazes, each with its own path to the base. Players would block one path, leaving the other open, then open the closed path and block the other. This is called 'juggling.' Used extremely well, land units would be killed easily. Unfortunately, air units can travel over towers, so the tactics do not apply to them.

Several maps and game types are available. The default and quick money game modes are recommended for players starting. Other game modes are for challenges for experienced players.