Facebook Poke

The Facebook poke is one of the most mysterious features on the Facebook website. Some theorize that facebook poke was a way to get attention without starting a conversation or adding a person to the friends list. Facebook poke is also thought to be like a real poke; something that could get a rise out of a person or start conversation. Facebook poke can be used as a flirting tool for the ones that are too shy to say hi to the person.

Facebook poke has become a pop culture phonomenon as well. Facebook poke has been seen on T-shirts and bumper stickers around college campuses, along with a fad of poking random people in real life. Poke wars took place for people that poke each other back and forth.

An third party application called Superpoke and many others similar to this one extended the "boring" poke features and used interactions such as Hug, hi-five, kiss, slap, punch, and other interactions, using what is called virtual non-verbal communication. Facebook poke is similar to the Wink function in some dating sites or flirt.