• You control how you share your stuff with people and apps on Facebook.

Who Sees What You ShareEdit

You can pick and choose the audience for the things you share on Facebook. For example, you can share a photo with just your friends, or make it public. Choose who sees what you share right where you post.


How TaggingEdit

Tagging is an easy way to let people know when they're in photos. A tag creates a link to the person's Timeline and may share your post with their friends. Learn more about tagging.

Your Privacy ShortcutsEdit

You can get right to the latest privacy updates, important settings and tools. Just click Privacy Shortcuts at the top of the page. Try it now.

Your privacy shortcut

Sharing with Apps, Games and WebsitesEdit

Control who can access what, including what info your friends and others can bring with them in the apps and websites they use. Learn how.