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Restaurant City is a Facebook application developed by Playfish. It is the #1 cooking game on Facebook. Players design their own restaurants to server customers, earning Gorumet Points to level up and money to decorate the interior and exterior of their restaurant. With a 4.3 out of 5 rating from 3,000+ reviews and over 17 million monthly users, Restaurant City is a very popular game on Facebook.


The currency used in Restaurant City is coins. Coins are gained through selling meals to customers.

Playfish Cash is the currency used in all Playfish Games, including Restaurant City and Pet Society.

Gourmet PointsEdit

Gourmet Points are awarded mainly for selling dishes. These points are used to level up to gain a larger-sized restaurant, more workers, and a larger farm (will be explained later.) The maximum level is 90.

Job PositionsEdit

Every Restaurant has job positions in the game. A total of 9 players may work at a specific restaurant, although depending on the level of the player, this amount may be lower. This may be different because some dishes allow you to hire more workers. There are four positions a player may be in: Chef, Waiter/Waitress, Bartender and Janitor. Chefs cook food when customers come in. Waiters serve the cooked food to the customers and clean up after them. Bartenders serve drinks in a type of Lounge Bar. Janitors clean the floor and repair broken facilities.

Hiring and FiringEdit

Workers must be hired to the restaurant. No application is required. Any player can recruit their friends, even if their friends are already working in another restaurant. Firing workers costs 200 coins as severance pay, preventing players from hiring a player.

Interior DecorationEdit

The inside of a player's restaurant can be customized. Players can choose from numerous items, such as chairs, tables, toilets, among other items. There have been configurations made to increase the speed at which dishes are transferred from stove to table, up to the point where waiters and waitresses do not have to walk to the customers to deliver the dish.

Wallpaper and Floor TilesEdit

These two object categories, wallpaper and floor tiles, are purely for decoration and do not affect the playability of the game. Wallpaper is the coloring of the walls of a particular restaurant. Floor tiles, as mentioned, go on the floor. These tiles can be placed individually or by a group.

Tables and ChairsEdit

These two items, tables and chairs, are required in all restaurants for customers to sit down and have a meal. All chairs must be next to the table and pointing towards it, plus requires at least 1 empty space around it for customers to enter and exit. The empty space may not be diagonal from the chair. Only one person may use a table at a time; having two or more chairs on one table is repetitive. Some people may add an extra chair simply for the aesthetics of it.

Like most objects, there are chairs and tables more expensive than others. These much more pricey items do not give any such bonuses compared to lower quality items, although they do help in increasing player rating.

Bathroom FacilitiesEdit

Players may purchase, starting around level 8, toilets for customers to use. Without toilets, customers will be dissatisfied and leave a bad review for the restaurant. Toilets break down in four uses, requiring the player or the janitor to fix it. Sinks may also be purchased for customers to wash their hands. Sinks do not break down.


Typically, the layout of a Restaurant in high-leveled restaurants is for the aesthetics of it. Beginner and intermediate players, on the other hand, typically arrange the tables, chairs, and stoves to allow the fastest route from stove to table. The best way to do this is by having a table one square away from the stove or drink fountain. The one square provides space for waiters and waitresses.

Exterior DecorationEdit

Like the interior part of the restaurant, the outside can also be customized. Unlike the inside, the outside does not affect a player's restaurant except for its rating. Players do it solely for the aesthetics of their restaurant.


Gifting in Restaurant City is allowed in-game. Players are allowed to give any buyable item to another friend.


Each Restaurant can serve dishes from each of the four categories: Starters, Main Course, Dessert, and Drinks. Each Dish can be upgraded by using ingredients. Upgraded dishes give more gourmet points, although they sell for the same amount of coins. Upgraded dishes have a different plate that look with a gold one at level 10.


Ingredients are the items used to learn and level up dishes. There are numerous amounts of ingredients in Restaurant City. Ingredients can be traded, bought for coins, or farmed. Visiting a player's restaurant for the first time awards an ingredient, causing players to add each other for the sole purpose of gaining ingredients. Ingredients used to level up a dish are immediately discarded. These items are categorized by their rarity; 5 star ingredients are found less often than 1 star ingredients.

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