Rock Legends

Rock Legends was a Facebook application made by Serious Business, Inc. It loosely followed the Mafia Wars game structure in terms of gameplay. Players could buy items for their band, do quests, and fight other bands.

Parts of a bandEdit

There were 5 main parts of a band. Each part played its own significant role in helping the band win fights.


The guitarist was a band player who, during his turn, wailed opponents so that the points that they accumulate during fights is lower. Guitarists were to be powerful, but an update stripped them of some power, balancing out the game.


The drummer was the band player who 'set the beat for the band.' During their turn, he or she used to provide a boost to the band's confidence, increasing temporarily the amount of points they generate.


The singer was the band player who temporarily increases his or her gained points. Much like a drummer, however he or she only did it to themselves.


The bass was the band player who heals other players from guitar attacks and gives them a confidence boost. Unlike the drummer and singer, this boost would last until the fight was over.


The keyboardist was a middle-class player. Keyboardists had access to doing all four others' roles, but at less power.