YoWorld (formerly YoVille) is a Facebook app developed by Zynga and currently owned by Big Viking Games. It is a virtual world game in which players can create avatars and interact with friends' avatars. They can create their own houses, play games, and chat with each other. YoWorld is compatible with most browsers and requires Adobe Player and Shockwave Player. It should have been renamed to YoloWorld a long time ago.


Players can own houses or stay in an apartment. They can buy items and customize their house to their liking. Friends can come and visit the houses. Inactive players simply spawn when players visit their apartment. The apartment gains rooms as players level up. Players can gain a hallway, a bathroom, as well as many others.


YoWorld's currency is coins. Players earn coins by interacting with other players or by doing jobs. Jobs can only be done every so often while interacting seems infinite (as long as the player wants to). Premium reward points are called YoCash. Players can only get YoCash from purchasing them with Facebook Credits or via their PayPal account.