Zoo Paradise was a Facebook application released in 2008. It closed on April 8, 2013.


The first animal you'll be able to afford is a zebra. It must be placed on a habitat. It doesn't matter for any habitat you want to place an animal. If an animal is hungry, click on the talk balloon to feed it. There's a limit of habitats you can own in the game. If you reach the limit, you'll need to expand your zoo. To add land, you need a number of neighbors. In addition, you can also add land by using Facebook Credits. I think if it's an instant or not.


  • Predators cannot eat other animals. For example: If you place a unicorn and a cheetah in the same habitat, they won't fight.
  • Animals can be placed on any habitat you want. For example: It doesn't have to be a desert habitat if you want to put an ostrich.
  • If revenue is on an animal too long, it'll eat the bag, meaning that it gets hungry, so feed it quickly. This feature is removed.
  • If you feed a nine-tailed fox in your zoo, it grows a tail.